Monday, June 21, 2010

Novels: FarCry 1 & FarCry 2 - About the cruelty of War

Often I am confronted with comments on the degree of violence in my novels, especially in FarCry - Götterdämmerung (*God's Twilight) and FarCry 2 - Blutige Diamanten (*Blood Diamonds). Well, it is my styl and my understanding to describe things like this in the way I do, which is explicitely. 

Why is that? Do you remember the invasion in Saving Privae Ryan featuring Tom Hanks? This sequence is brutal and direct. It doesn't spare the spectator the horrors of war and pain. Thus the display of violence needs a dramaturgical reason and it is this reason, why I describe things in that way as well.
You can't depict war and combat and pain if you try to make it nice or political correct. If you are hit by a sword, that hurts. If your body is hit by a bullet your biosystem will go into shock. Hell, I like fencing (in real life, not virtual) and sometimes it takes weeks to get rid of those bruises - and a sports rapier has safety tips.

Also, if you describe a story you need to show the evil ones motivation, how cruel and bizarre that may be. Read Jonathan Nasaw or Kathy Reichs or R.E. Feist - they all do it. They show you the mounstrous side of human beings and their deeds.

The third point that influenced my style were my studies of British and American Literature. From Shakespeare to Native American Literature you'll find a tremendous degree of physical and sexual violence, described very closely. They don't spare the reader the pain or horros, they don't fade out to make you feel comfortable - and they don't close their eyes!

Especially for FarCry 2 Blutige Diamanten I decided to make it real, because those civil war events in Central Africa take place. I did a lot of research on the horrors happening and put them into my story.

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