Monday, June 21, 2010

About Fencing in SACRED, Tortuga, Flashback... and a wheelchair

I have a love for Martial Arts and fencing. Recently two friends invited me to an 'Old Men's Fencing' (well, we may be slower than the 20-year-olds, but we still hit hard and the bruises took weeks to fade away;-)

Anyway, a lot of fencing can be found in my work.

Shot from Flashback, 1993/94

For SACRED (2004) project lead Franz Stradal and I did the motion capture directing and the whole team created the most wonderful special moves, effects and attack patterns, as this game was an action RPG.

 Screenshot from SACRED, 2004

For Tortuga (announced in early 2005, a midprice title who later was upgraded and tuned and published in 2007 (they skipped the black pirate from the first announcement)) I used a reverse-angle-shot system to convey attack and defense pattern.

Screenshot from Tortuga (announced version of 2004/05)

The hero (black pirate) is in defense mode and has to get his initiative back...
Screenshot from Tortuga (announced version of 2004/05)

And now he is attacking again... Well, that was fun and it was to bad that the concept wasn't released in those days. I think one day I like to do a swashbuckler story or movie again;-)

Anyway, this interest can also be found in my  latest novel RUNES OF MAGIC -SHAREENA. Check it out, the knight Fantur and yound Shareena do some tremendous action sequences in there. Have fun!

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