Sunday, June 20, 2010

Artwork: History of my company's Logo

The logo of my company Michael Bhatty Entertainment displays a warrior, a sword in is hand, raising the other to the skies. This image has a history...

The character on the logo is one I am working with for over 25 years now. A fighter, challenging the Gods, taking his fate into his own hands. Suitable if you start your own business, I thought.
The fighter challenging the Gods and battling his (inner) demons became a symbol of most of my stories. In FARCRY, FARCRY 2 and RUNES OF MAGIC - SHAREENA my characters often have to face what haunts them.

Well, the origin of that image was an airbrush I created in about 1990. There is a fantasy novel I''ll present soon enough, featuring that sequence....

The image above shows the scan of the airbrush image (70 cm * 100 cm), including a digital rework using difference clouds for the lighning.

By the way, in SACRED (2004) there is my 'fingerprint', if you will. I created the image with the red demon in the background and copies my fighter in the foreground. This image was pasted onto a quest item - a painting on canvas. Game Designer's humour;-)

The 3D-objects were created by Thomas Kronenberg, Intulo.

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