Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game Design: Games are not Games!

Most game developers still think that making games is about game mechanics. Well, it is, but only part. Games are more than things you can play with - that would make them toys. No, especially games with a story are something else: a form of interactive media.

And if games are a form of media, they can do more than just conveying the next gameplay-motivitation-cycle we experiencing in most games right now. With games as a media form, you can tell any story - just interactively!

During the research of my doctoral thesis (Interactive Story Telling, 1999) I created a paradigm which worked out: where? Well in the blockbuster title SACRED (2004). This paradigm focuses on managing chaos - which is something you'll find in each aspect of games, as there is an uncertainty priciple of space in time: Where and when will the player do what?

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