Monday, June 28, 2010

GAMES: Creating the world of BERYL TALES

Sometimes one hasn't enough time to create high definition artworks using copic markers etc. During the production of BERYL TALES I defined the functionalities of the buildings and skibbled them only roughly as a guideline.

Using this image as a checklist I started modelling the buildings using Truespace 3D modelling software. 
The shot below shows a digital skribble, not an ingame shot. To test the buildings I just copied images of the buildings onto an isometric grid. So I could see what worked and what won't.

Note that the project name changed during production. This is quite usual as sometimes a name is already been taken by another project or company.

As BERYL TALES was a free-2-play browser game we used classical 2D-graphics, using traditional tiles. Note the repeating patterns. During development I did several passes on those textures to eliminate those recognizable patterns...

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