Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GAMES: Developing a character for BERYL TALES

When we started experimenting with the first level design editors for our browser game BERYL TALES in 2007 we needed a character that would fit in. Here it is only a placeholder to get a better feeling for sizes and relations.

However, the character I skribbled had a history and it is not by circumstance that he comes in a brown pilot's leather jacket, black pants and high boots...
Character artwork for Beryl Tales, 2007

In 1986/87 (during "Abitur", which is approximately the same as A-Levels) we shot a big science fiction movie on Super 8 film material, called Last Warrior. The whole thing runs for about 60 minutes and was shot in 5 days only. Two for principal shooting, two for special effects and one for pick-ups. Anyway, the character you see below is "Kyle Murdock" (the name is a mixture of James Cameron's Tech. Sgt. Kyle Reese from Terminator and of the villain from First Blood, Part II), played by myself.

Shot from Last Warrior, 1987

And as it was the habit of my character (and myself) to prefer black clothes and a leather jacket, well, that was the start. Also, the harsh type of world we created came from this amateur movie we did. A cold, grey world, a place you need to make better...

Digital artwork for Beryl Tales, 2007

The same character comes on the first atmospehric shot I did to show the main character Sarah, the pilot (now named Marc) and one of the hovercrafts used in that universe. Still with body armor but this time in red and blue as Sarah was dressed in black already...

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