Saturday, June 12, 2010

Games: From skribble to 3D-object

For the game SACRED (2004) I created - among other things, the story and world of Ancaria. During the production I always had my vision on how the world, its inhabitants and the props, the so-called items should look like and how each aspect should tell its part of this epic story.

Well, this was one of the skribbles I made for the quest items, those special objects the player had to gather during the main story line. This one was the Book of Ancaria, featuring the famous symbol of the angelic Seraphim.

Well, truth to tell, you only get fancy coloured concept art to see for marketing reasons. The original looked like this...

The descriptions of the colours was just written onto the srkibble. I remember doing over 50 of these skribbles in one morning and, well, I think it worked. This was what we got back from Thomas Kronenberg, Intulo, who is one of of those brilliant 3D artists, who understood what it was that I needed:-))

By the way: The colours, night blue and silver, were the same I used in real life for my doctoral thesis. An the idea for those colours came from another novel: Drangonlance Chronicles by Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The magician Raistlin had his spell books wrapped in this way;-)

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