Monday, June 21, 2010

Games: The musical score of SACRED

Composer Dag Winderlich created the score for SACRED (2004) and we had an inspiring creative collaboration. During the production of SACRED I took charge of several aspects of game development as I saw the position of the lead Game Designer, the title I inherited during that time, as one of a director and author (this led to my definitions of game development I taught at the Games Academy in Berlin later). So, it was vital to keep the vision together and so I developed the behaviour to talk with other artists like animators, painters, graphic artists, musicians sound effect designers etc.

Dag was very open minded to suggestions as this was the first time for hime to do such a vast an epic score and so I presented him themes from my favorite artists, soundtrack composers like John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Michael Kamen. One could say, I put him in good company;-) Of course, Dag looked at me and said "Are you mad?! They have time and an orchestra!" But I grinned, handed him a bunch of audio CDs and said: "You can do it!" And Dag Winderlich did it.;-)

What you see here are my original audio CDs (with some notes which part should be used as inspiration). I choose this music because I had several themes in my mind that suited regions and story NPC, be it Michael Kamens score for the beautiful barony of Mascarell or the Military theme for Baron DeMordrey. So, the main parts came from...

  • Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace, John Williams (inspiration for the invasion theme)
  • Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back, John Williams (inspiration for the Evil baron theme)
  • The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship, Howard Shore (inspiration for battle scenes and combat)
  • Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, Michael Kamen (inspiration for the rolling hills of Mascarell and the woods of Tyr-Fasul)
  • Gladiator, Hans Zimmer (inspiration for the Extro-Cutscene)
So, here one can see the difference between SACRED 1 and SACRED 2. In SACRED 1 every part - from graphics to sound to story telling mechanics - they all were designed to suit each other. I allways considered it as a composition.

SACRED 2 was developed by other people and I am not happy with that outcome, despite they had some great artists. What can I say to that matter? Well... that development company broke...

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