Saturday, June 12, 2010

Games: Secrets of designing SACRED's character menu

In SACRED (2004) external developers modelled the cave wherein the player could find the player characters.

When I composed this cave it wasn't just about having a place to put our player characters, but to start to tell the story in a subtle way. The skribble you see below describes how the light and the shadow needs to be set and how certain forms must be displayed. 
So, if you look closely, there is a reason, why the vampire lady stands in the shadow, so the sun light must be blocked by that plant. 
Note also the doublestone in the middle: This was for the female wood elf  and her dark elven companion. during the player quests, one can experience a tragic love story, but as they were connected, their platform stone needed to be one and shouldn't be separated.

Well, to get what I wanted I often used explaining skribbles as well, showing how things could work.

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