Friday, June 11, 2010

Movie: Creating a Terminator

In 1992 some fellow students and I produced a marketing video for a public video workshop facility. In this clip our hero is chased by all sorts of movie apparitions. I myself performed the terminator-like creature, chasing him from one film scene to another, which was quite fun.

Note the lighting in the still above. This was just a simple desk lamp a few centimeters above my head to enhance the skull effect.

The mask itself was created by using fluid latex and modeling clay. Certain elements were taken from a truck model kit like the engine parts for the teeth and jaw area or wheel caps for the nut bolts. Then I created a negativ form by using gypsum, covering the modeled clay.
After the gypsum was dry I removed the model clay and the modelkit parts and filled the fluid latex into the negative form. After a few thin layers the mask could be drawn out and opainted with special metal colours like "polished steel" and blood.

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