Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movies: An Elf is an Elf is an Elf...

I like the idea of Drow and Dark Elves, though I prefer Feist interpretation of them nowadays. What we see here is a Drow inspired from RPG AD&D, and idea we used  in our fantasy movie Darkness & Light.

Shot from Darkness & Light, 1992

Note the pointed elven ears, we created the same way as the ape and orc masks or the Terminator facial applications.

 Shot from Darkness & Light, 1992

In this sequence the Dark Elf taunts and eventually kills the Elven Lord of the woodland realm by thrusting and twitching his poisoned blade into the Elven Lords body.

Production still from Darkness & Light, 1992

Shooting this sequence was a thrilling experience as both actors pushed themselves to their limits of displaying hate and  disgust. The hightlight was when the Elven Lord spit (unexpectantly) at his torturer, the saliva dropping from the Dark Elves cheek, touching it calmly and then turns into an outrage of fury against his bound victim. That's what I love about working with real people...

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