Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movies: First costume tests... without a costume

When we had the idea to do a fantasy movie in 1991 we asked ourselves: can we do it? How can we build a fantasy world that won't look ridiculous?

Production still from Darkness & Light, 1991
The first approach was to use lighting to create a more dramatic view, the second to use believable costumes. Here we see the principal actor in a first costume and camera test. the funny thing is, that there is no costume.

He has the sword, a piece of 20 cm *20 cm of chainmail (took me 10 hours to craft it by hand). The leather tunic is the back of a common leather jacket with arms removed.

 Shot from Darkness & Light, 1992

Well, this is what his costume looked like in the movie...


  1. where can i find this movie???? im very interested in it! i want to own it.

  2. Well, thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately this movie is not available online. Just the stills and screenshots from the movie. (Long story). Sorry.