Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movies: Flashback - Using volumetric lighting with cigar smoke

In Flashback the story is told by the evil guy, who is not just another villain, but the ultimate eternal Evil or the Devil, doomed to call in THE hero by doing evil things - to finally meet his punishment... til the next cycle. 

 Production still from Flashback, 1993/94

To get a gloomy look we used very sharp lighting and a number of volume lights. To achive this we smoked the room with cigars (which is not funny if you are a non-smoker). However, the effect worked and the standard rule is: pain is momentarily but film is for eternity!;-) 

 Shot from Flashback, 1993/94

I guess this is what the actor of the Evil one thought as well, because his eye patch was glued to his face (and the cement burned like hell on his skin, beside the fact that it was a medical skin adhesive).

Shot from Flashback, 1993/94

Well, he was rewarded, as the Single Malt Whisky was real. And yes, that's 'on the rocks' - a subtle reason why he gets what he deserves in the end;-)

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    Da werde ich jetzt erstmal in Ruhe stöbern!

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