Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movies: The love for Directing

Production still from Darkness & Light, 1992

I have a love for directing, for each type of creative collaboration. to consider and provide information on questions like 'Why is that character here?', 'What is this scene about?', 'What happened before and what speed does this scene need?' etc. All those questions need to be answered. It won't work to tell an actor "Just look into the screenplay!" (I made that mistake in the beginning). No, you need to guide and explain every emotional and circumstancial aspect.

Production still from Flashback, 1993/94

Later I developed a love for the creative collaboration with actors. During rehearsals a lot of new ideas, pacing and patterns are to be developed.

Production still from Flashback, 1993/94

 To be able to direct you need a good team. The crew I worked on Flashback with was brilliant, working efficiently and hand in hand, keeping my back free. Thank you, folks;-)

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