Saturday, June 12, 2010

Movies: The Orc masks

In 1992 we shot a fantasy short move called Darkness & Light. The whole thing was a gigantic rock video clip featuring all aspects of sword & sorcery fantasy (and was very '80s in style). However, there were several things that were different from the standard greenish Orcs you could find in all those computer games and role-playing-supplements.

First, my Orcs weren't green but had a darker colour, much like the Uruk hai several years later in Pete Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. They prefered tattos and piercings and had their own, wild culture using furs and skins as tokens.
By the way, 10 Years later I used the tribal approach for the Orcs in SACRED... With my work it always goes in loops. Ideas come back, were refined, disappear and then suddenly there they are again:-)

As kids we had created masks for our Planet of apes interpretation; these Orc masks were the most sofisticated ones I had developed during these days about 10 years later. They had teeth, could move the eyebrows and the lower jaw - and by accident - even the ears, if the actor made a face:-)

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