Monday, June 21, 2010

Novels: FarCry - A written shooter

FarCry - Götterdämmerung (God's Twilight) is a written shooter. The novel describes the events of the game FarCry (2004) and enrich them by telling more about events that formed the main character into his present form: Jack Carver.

As it is my nature I did more research on the setting and added information on World War II, the Third Reich (as the evil guys are a modern form of Nazis, having their roots back in the 1930s and 1940s) and added information on the Gulf War of 1990/91, where my Jack got his PTSD trauma.
Also I've added first links to the sequel, FarCry 2 - Blutige Diamanten, introducing Jack's Mentor Zam and Marty as well as another Africa-sequence.

Well, my stories aren't about massacre and blood and violence, but about people in pain. People haunted by their inner demons. And I placed a lot of those conflict into the story, because the story telling of a shooter isn't very insightful. I've added background and emotions to it... but I described it very openly, very explicitely. A bullet rips a body open, renders the body into shock, and a knife slashing a throat will do terrible damage. There is no such thing like "Oh, that is to hard, make that war look nicer!"...  

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