Thursday, June 17, 2010

Novel: FarCry2 - Getting the look and feel of Africa

Official FarCry2 artwork

I always had a love for the adventurous side of Africa.As a kid I loved TV-shows like Daktari, Tarzan and Quartermain. When Panini called and told me about FarCry2 I was thrilled. Of course, today I dont wanted to create that old-fashioned point of view, but a new and real one, so I started doing my research on today's Africa and talked to people from Southern and Central African countries.

My Africa map, created from IKEA's world map and Wikipedia satellite shots

Also I worked with political and geographical maps, to get a feeling on borders, deserts, savannahs and jungles areas. This map was created from several layers to get the vegetation levels and the states. Note my former project name here - Warmongers.

newspaper-articles, DIE WELT, 2007, 2008

Newspapers were another vital source and most of the brutal crimes against humanity (which some self-appointed critics considered much to brutal in my novel) came from those newspaper articles from the noted German newspaper DIE WELT in 2007 and 2008.Well, I don't like closing my eyes and describe it political correct...

A friend of mine told me later that she found the real Africa in my writing, as she had lived there and not only colours, smells, heat were there, but also behaviour, attitude and cultural aspects.

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