Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Novel: Runes of Magic - The cover process

Usually the publishing company selects an artwork for the book, but this time I had the honour that both Panini and Frogster wanted the cover of my latest novel express the actual heroes of my story. As a result, I was asked to give feedback and ideas.

What I did in October 2009 was to create a dummy-cover, using Runes-of-Magic-material provided by Frogster. Here the idea is not about doing a fine artwork, but to explain what is intended with a rough five-minute-montage. That's the reason, why Shareenas Arm is dissolving - I just erased it, because another object was in the way:-)

During the process I received skibbles; I cut out the characters of these skribbles to move and scale them on separate layers. Note the sharp line around Shareenas hair - for those rough images I didn't bother about precise marquee tools, but used the faster polygon marquee tool. 
On the original the Shareena character was much smaller, so I scaled her up a little bit, to let her appaear more powerful and impressive in the forgreound.

However, all those ideas were just suggestions I made - and I am more than happy to see what the artists of Frogster have created and how they created the darker area for the title in the lower area. Below you see the release version.

This was fun and a pleasure. Thank you very much.

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