Sunday, June 27, 2010

Novels: FarCry - Götterdämmerung: The Death of Hanno Wagner

Creating stories is about creating conflict, which essentially means 'two dogs, one bone'! And as two dogs - the good one and the bad one - fighting to achieve their goal, there is a lot of collateral damage, usually on both sides.

One of the first evil guys to die is a slimy mercenary called Hanno Wagner, a cruel neo nazi type, who is killed on the first pages in a very Daniel-Craig-as-James-Bond-like manner by Jack Carver. 

Check out the extract (in German only) on my website:

I used this treacherous ugly guy and his name to make a statement on the novel's subtitle Götterdämmerung, which means 'God's Twilight', describing the end of the world and the fall of the Gods. Now, the neo nazis in this story are still considering themselves as a superior race - now about to be genetically enhanced, but they face obliteration in the end (thank's, Jack;-)

Of course, the title was inspired by Richard Wagner's opera Götterdämmerung, but here it was used to describe the ultimate downfall to come of the bad guys, as they have to deal with my novels hero, Jack Carver. In this sequence I linked the death of Hanno Wagner - the name is a more modern German name, because there aren't many Hans and Gretchens in Germany nowadays - and the last tunes he hears are whistled by Jack: Richard Wagner's Ritt der Walküren (Ride of the Valkyries), the same music Francis Ford Coppola used in Apocalypse Now.

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