Monday, July 12, 2010

About the climbing-topic in my novels

In my stories my heroes are often forced to fight, to fence, dive with SCUBA-gear, jump from high cliffs etc. Well, I did some of those things in real life (but not enough and so I still want to do such interesting things (OK, landing a Space Shuttle might be a little bit out of reach;-))

If you've read my novels, you might remember sequences where one of my heroes has to climb freestyle over solid rock, be it Jack Carver, the vet Paula or lovely Shareena. You'll found descriptions of how the rough rock felt under the fingertips or how they experienced the overall landscape surrounding them...

Michael T. Bhatty climbing, 1986
Those descriptions came from experiences like this one, a trip to Costa Brava, Spain in 1986, where a friend and I saw a cliffside and decided to climb there (Why? Because it was there!). I still use those experiences for inspiration, memorizing the flair, the wind in my hair and on my skin. So, as an author I am able to relive those thrilling moments... This is what makes writing fun for me.

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