Friday, July 2, 2010

Games: SACRED - Home of the Seraphim

In SACRED the angel-like Seraphim play an important part. They are some sort of female Paladins - Jedi-like - fighting monks, only a sexy version of them. What you see below is the stronghold of the Seraphim in Icecreek Dale, build by - if I remember correctly - Markus Häublein, the level designer for this part.

I created a skribble in late 2002/ early 2003 on isometric paper (homemade, note the sloopy lines;-) to indicate what it was that needed to be build.

Also I presented the level designers images of mountains, rivers and ice and demanded to think "organic". They should learn what nature does, how water flows, what erosion is etc. I guess I was a pain in the ass to them, dragging them from their monitors out into the real world...

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