Thursday, July 1, 2010

Novel: FarCry2 - Origin's of Paula's Flight

In the beginning of my novel FarCry 2 - Blutige Diamanten (*Blood Diamonds) the vet Paula travels with the pilot Matthew in an old JU-52 over Central Africa. 
The idea for this scene came from another project were I also wrote the JU-52 into it: the game Artefact, announced in 2001 at the E3-fair in L.A., but then got cancelled as Ascaron Software went insolvent in summer 2001. Anyway, the announcement at the E3 and in TV featured parts of the cinematic sequence rendered by the Lightworks studio. The several iterations of that screenplay were written by Christoph Werner, Daniel Lieske and myself.

Shot from the Artefact-Intro, 2001

And I should have checked my own work again, as I lost an engine in the novel, describing the JU-52 with only two engines instead of three...
Shot from the Artefact-Intro, 2001
Anyway, look at that picture above. There is a very similar scene in my novel, only in Artefact the lady and the pilot abominate each other (in the beginning). I guess, it lies in the nature to work in circles, always coming back to themes and motifs haunting one...

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