Friday, July 2, 2010

Novel: FarCry2 - Inspiration for the story development

How do I work when doing a novel for a game like Runes of Magic or FarCry? Well, first I play the game of course. As a real player without cheating and then again using developer codes for immortality, teleportation, upgrades etc. Anything to learn as fast as I can about the world.

Of course I do research, read books and web articles (here about Africa) - and I use artworks and make screenshots. Sometimes looking at a shot or artwork triggers an interesting idea which I write down (here, on paper prints).

For example, the image of the bridge gave me the idea for the shootout of my heroes who have just survided the plane crash in the jungle, engaging some nasty mercenaries and smugglers, working for the bad guy.So I looked at the image again and again, using the metal, the boat, the slimy water... pure inspiration...

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