Monday, August 30, 2010

Screenplay: The Beryl Tales Movie Experience...

... well, does not exist!

In 2008 during the production of our browser game BERYL TALES I wrote a demo screenplay (this time in English!). It features the same scenario as our isometric game, but was wroten in the Aliens-meet-Firefly-Style I had in mind, when doing the game world.

We never found investors for the TV-show or a cinema-version, but I still use this screenplay. Lately two very cool 16 year old pupils/ trainees did a two-week term in my company and created an animated storyboard for this sequence (I guess they had the coolest job during that time, compared to their classmates behind counterdesks ;-).

But first things first: Here is the link to the screenplay. Have fun and meet spacepilot MARC;-)