Monday, November 1, 2010

Novels: Runes of Magic - Origins of the knight Fantur

Sean Connery in Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, 1992

I often  work with movies to get a feeling for my characters. Look and feel, mimics and gestures are often influenced by movies I like. A good example ist the Knight Fantur, whom you might know if you have read RUNES OF MAGIC - SHAREENA (sorry, in German only - for the time being). Have a look at the cover and you'll rekognize the familiarity. 
I am plastering my walls during a writing session with images, so my characters can 'talk' to me, look at me, helping me to get them to know...

Actually I like the idea of a normannic knight and used as full name 'Guillaume Nathaniel Fitzfantur' for 'Fantur', with 'Guillaume' as the normannic/ french version of William. And 'Sir William' provided a good knightly feeling for me as well as the 'Fitz', which is used as 'son of';-))

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