Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photography: Going into the movie style...

This might be one shot who draws a connection between my movie making interests and photography as an artist. 
In 1991/ 1992 when I was right in my art and media studies, some freidns and I came up with the idea of doing another movie again and this time it should be traditional sword- and sorcery-fantasy. So we created a series of test images, just to see how costumes and light might work.

There isn't a costume yet, just a 20 cm * 20 cm piece of chainmail (it took me 10 hours to work it ring by ring) and the backside of an old leather jacked, where I cut the arms off. The most demanding experience was the sword, which was a great collaboration of two friends and myself. They created the rawform out of wood and I did the sculpturing of the dragon's head at the 'Forte' (below the hilt) and wrapped the leather for a better grip.
The metallic colour was from a model shop. something called 'polished steel'. this colour was dull at first, but could be brought to a shining surface by polishing. But the best part was, that the sword was so well balanced that we could use it for swordfighting in our movies 'Flashback' (1994) and 'Darkness & Light' (1992).

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