Saturday, December 18, 2010

GAMES: The BerylTales-Hovercraft

In 2007 I started a cooperation with Xybris Interactive. Together we created a browsergame called BERYL TALES which ran from 2007 til late 2009.

BerylTales - browsergame from 2007 til 2010

Note the vehicle in the background. For BERYL TALES we came up with the idea of prospector vehicles, hovering over the ground of planets, allowing multiple actions like digging, mining etc.

First I created a very simple model and pasted it into a fakeshot done i photoshop, using isometric shots of the 3D-models. This was done to get a look and feel of the world.
Digital concept artwork
The next step was to make it more real. Again the need for "how does it feel?" arised. How high will the vehicle be flying? What shall the overall flair be?
Well, this was one of the early results. I smoothed the raw model by using NURBS. This wasn't intended as a piece of artwork, but was done in a very quick and dirty way. Those weren't images for others, but little 'helpers' to guide myself through the next steps.

Digital concept artwork

Later during development, we added more vehicles like this hover below, which came in different versions.

Early Ingame-shot: Exterior on Mars

You can see this was still under development, as some buildings haven't the final shadows or the landscape is still a mix of dummytiles. Anyway, this is how I build the raptor-style-hovercraft using Truespace.

Hovercraft prospector vehicle done in Truespace

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photography: Grabbing the essence ...

In 2010 on January the 15th I created the 'Lioness', an image I consider as one of my best, if not the best. It hit me as this was the one, which put it all together: This was the essence of a predator, wild and untameble. Proud and sensual.

'Lioness' by Michael T. Bhatty (C) 2010

After that I haven't been able to do more in that area: What could be done, has been done...

Michael T. Bhatty with camera (2009); this shot was done by my model while shooting...

Time out for now...

Photography: About beauty...

As an artist I am drawn to beautyfulness like to a moth to the light and I like the approach of Friedrich Schiller on beauty. Beauty isn't something on the surface. It is something that shall be emitted from the inside. It's a radiance with not only comes from the model, but also from the way we behold it.

Glamour-portrait, (c) 2009 by Michael T. Bhatty

Photography: The power of the eyes II

Another example for the power of eyes (here in a corresponding form to the slightly parted lips, which is an act of 'dramatic sensuality').

Hollywood-Glamor-Style-Portrait, (C) 2009 by Michael T. Bhatty
Each model has another form of sensuality. One might have a great body but appears rather 'cheap' in behaviour, and so she will bring that into her images as well. Another one will be a true lady, glamourous like those Hollywood movie stars of old times.

Photography: Glamourous poison...

This shot was inspired by Alice Cooper's song 'Poison'.

'Poison', (c) 2009 by Michael T. Bhatty
Don't let the song fool you. As a photographer you need to keep your distance!
Touching is (usually) forbidden, so you have to learn to give your commands for poses, gestures and mimics strictly verbally. Anything else will lead to trouble...

Photography: The power of eyes I

The eyes are the things we focus on. The Hollywood-Glamour-Photographers put a lot of detail in the eyes as well as on the hair. Well, create an image with blurry eyes and you will look away soon (most of the time). I consider eyes as gateways to the soul, so I put a lot of focus on them and enhanced them during post production by adjusting levels, brightness and radiosity.

Power of eyes in photography, (c) 2009 by Michael T. Bhatty

Photography: Hollywood Glamour portrait of my photographical muse

I am always inspired by women - my wife for example is my muse in aspects of writing novels and stories - and in 2009 I met a 'photographical muse'. I like the term as it covers more than just modeling. Creative collaboration might describe it, but then again... no, it doesn't.

Here we worked on Hollywood Glamour style, inspired by those movie-stars of times gone by.

Photography: Simple portraits...

In the early 90s I worked with a number of models. Each of of them had her own perspective of what they liked about themselves and I intended to capture that feeling - which is something you can only do, if your models feels comfortable.

Vicious mane portrait, (c) 1992 by Michael T. Bhatty

This young women had a tremendous mane and she loved to play with it. This shot was made during our warm-up.

Figure and portrait at a lake, (c) 1992 by Michael T. Bhatty

On occasion we went outside. This shot at a lake was done in the early morning. If i remember correctly we drove out there at 05:00 a.m. to capture the right light of the rising sun.