Saturday, December 18, 2010

GAMES: The BerylTales-Hovercraft

In 2007 I started a cooperation with Xybris Interactive. Together we created a browsergame called BERYL TALES which ran from 2007 til late 2009.

BerylTales - browsergame from 2007 til 2010

Note the vehicle in the background. For BERYL TALES we came up with the idea of prospector vehicles, hovering over the ground of planets, allowing multiple actions like digging, mining etc.

First I created a very simple model and pasted it into a fakeshot done i photoshop, using isometric shots of the 3D-models. This was done to get a look and feel of the world.
Digital concept artwork
The next step was to make it more real. Again the need for "how does it feel?" arised. How high will the vehicle be flying? What shall the overall flair be?
Well, this was one of the early results. I smoothed the raw model by using NURBS. This wasn't intended as a piece of artwork, but was done in a very quick and dirty way. Those weren't images for others, but little 'helpers' to guide myself through the next steps.

Digital concept artwork

Later during development, we added more vehicles like this hover below, which came in different versions.

Early Ingame-shot: Exterior on Mars

You can see this was still under development, as some buildings haven't the final shadows or the landscape is still a mix of dummytiles. Anyway, this is how I build the raptor-style-hovercraft using Truespace.

Hovercraft prospector vehicle done in Truespace

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