Thursday, January 13, 2011

NOVELS: Runes of Magic - Asiya: The reading extract

A few hours ago Frogster published the first extract of my new novel: RUNES OF MAGIC - ASIYA. I am enthrilled as I put a lot of work and pain into that project. But that how it is as an artist - one has to fight and to struggle...
Click onto the image to open the reading (sorry folks, in German only)...

Michael T. Bhatty's RUNES OF MAGIC - ASIYA

Or visit Frogster's announcement here... (but come back, will ya?)

Monday, January 3, 2011

NOVELS: Runes of Magic - Asiya: Coming soon!

My fourth novel, RUNES OF MAGIC - ASIYA, has been announced and shall be released on April 12th 2011! 

This time it is the dark and passionate story of the priestess Asiya, long-time friend of Shareena, hero of my first RoM-novel.