Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TV-INTERVIEW: as Prof. Dr. Michael Bhatty at Dr. Dish's 3PUNKTNULL

This is a very nice TV-/Web-TV-interview I gave for Dr. Dish TV lately (at 22:20 min). But one thing just for the record: due to the editing process and the underlying images it seems as like I stated, that I did SACRED all by myself, which of course isn't the case. Franz Stradal (my project lead for S1) and Aarne Jungerberg (my fellow Lead Game Designer) were other vital part of our creative spearhead, each of us focussing on the things he could do best. for me, creating story and world, cinemtaics and directing the combat special moves and keeoping the vision together (well, at least for part 1).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ARTWORK: Runes of Magic novel characters by the artist Amy

Artist Antje 'Amy' Krüger
Something wonderful happend. Another artist started bringing my characters to life.
And Antje' Amy' Krüger is a very gifted artist, whom I am looking forward to work with.
She was one of the ladies participating at the 'ladies night', which is the regular event were I present my latest story to some friends, five ladies that is. Well, they tend to be raving wolves, when tearing me up - or more precisely my story, giving input and advise. But in the end, it is always worth it.

Amy skibbled with a ball pen during my presentation, depicting the novel characters Asiya and Shareena. Well, here it is. She captured the flair and feeling of an - during that time - unwritten sequence, which made it right into the novel. Well, I'll tell you more, when the novel is out (April 12th).

The paperstructure was created by artist Annika Landberg. Visit her site at deviant art here.