Sunday, March 27, 2011

ARTWORK: Runes of Magic novel characters by the artist Amy II

As my latest novel is to be released soon, here is another image from artist Antje 'Amy' Krüger. This time it is a very special elf from RUNES OF MAGIC - ASIYA. And mark my words... very special!

An elven character from ASIYA, 2010 by Antje 'Amy' Krüger.

Soon I'll tell you more about him;-)))

Creative Amy created the character portrait after my 'Ladies Night' event, when I presented the story to some trusted friends for feedback and polishing. And also mark my words, it takes a man to stand up to five vicious and intelligent women, giving you constructive feedback;-)


  1. Well, in your special case none of the five vicious and intelligent women should have complained about you remaining seated... - oops, my bad taste of humour is as well known as your strength to ignore it...
    The portrait looks interesting indeed but please note the spelling... ;o))
    Cheers mate! Looking forward to read your novel...

  2. Lol, that one is good - and I have the same sense of humour, so don't worry. ;-)

    Spelling has been noted and been corrected... did I miss something?