Sunday, June 5, 2011

NOVELS: SHAREENA - English transscript under way...

I started to create an English transscript of my novel RUNES OF MAGIC - SHAREENA by myself (well, usually translations are done by a translator, but I though I'd give it a shot).

What you can read here now hasn't been proofread so far, but maybe one day it will. Do you wanna have a first sneakpeak? Well, here we go:

Thundering Drums reverberated through the theatre of combat.

The arena – more properly a compound of many pits, excavated over the ages ago to let combatants lock in duels or to throw traitors to wild beasts – was surrounded by three rows of simple, wooden benches, allowing the spectators to gaze down into the bloodstained pits.

Men, women and children stomped simultaneously to the beat of timbales, kettledrums and djembés, those small and chalice-shaped hand drums with a membrane of stretched goat leather, and cheered at the combatants.

As if I hadn’t killed enough of them!

The gladiatrix, the female counterpart to the male fighters, did not bow. All she did was tilting her chin and extending her blade to the rear, a pose her opponent would take as a challenge rather than as a reverential gesture. The heavy muscled fighter held a brutish looking sword in his bearish hands, while he protected his face wearing a helmet, on which the forms of embossed hair could be seen, like a wild man’s mane. The embossed visor itself depicted a human face, but with lips drawn back to a sneering smile.



Michael T. Bhatty


  1. Hi

    Shareena is a great book, who knows the game and visited the villages is already enchanted.
    Yes exactly, I am a Runes of Magic player and am the first to comment on here to give.
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  2. Thank you very much for that compliment on my novel.



  3. Iwas wondering if any progress has been made in translating these novels? As an english-speaking RoM player, I'm very very interested in your books

  4. Greetings,

    thank you very much for your interest in my novels. Unfortunately so far I haven't heard anything about an english translation from the game publisher.


    Anyway, currently i am focussin on a new novel series (starting also in German, but this time I am eager to publish it myself): Check this out, if you like:

    Maybe if there are lots of people interestet in reading a book in English a translation will be possible one day...