Monday, June 20, 2011

RELAUNCH of my website:

It has been overdue for some time, but being a one-man-show has it disadvantages regarding time-issues. As my focus turned during the last year more and more to teaching as games professor and writing my fantasy novels, I considered it prudent to visualize this new direction on my company's page.

The major change: it's in English only from this time forward.

This is the first version, as I'll add more links for photography as well as my novels and maybe screenplay in the future. 
The general idea behind this new web appearence is this: On my portfolio you'll find general information, here - on my blog - you'll find the trivia.

Why am I doing that now? Because I am - together with most wonderful artist Amy - something new and thrilling - and the new page will support it...

Well, have fun!



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