Monday, July 25, 2011

NOVEL: Runes of Magic - Podcast featuring my novels in English

I am thrilled!

Frogster produced a podcast wherein my novels - SHAREENA and ASIYA - have been presented.Check out this video. My novels will be discussed at time index 15:30 (approx.).

BTW, Check out my other RoM-posts: there is a short transscript available in English by now:-)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Games: My student's games - Making of PTG: Pigeons

My student's created a jump and run game in an awesome time. From what I saw at 'professional' companies in games business they were up to 50% faster that some of those 'pros'. 

Why ist that? Well, I train them to be GAME DIRECTORS, the creative and leading spearhead of development, making fast decisions and knowing what will advance their vision and what would not. Combine this with talent and personal love each of those creative minds bring into a project and you know why we can do thing faster at the MHMK game design programme in Munich.

Yes, I am very proud about my studen'ts work; this is what they did after being in their second semester in my game design programme. Think about it. 

Now, enough idle talk, check it out here (it's in German only, sorry folks)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Games: My student's games at MHMK, Munich, on Facebook II

My student's did great. After an extraordinarily well executed Master phase - they were up to 50% faster than several 'professional' teams I meet in the business - they delivered PTG: Pigeons The Game.

Check out the latest shots on FACEBOOK...

I am very proud about my student's achievements. Also this shows that my concept of teaching the Game Director works more efficiently than I thought. I always said we can save up to 30% development costs with it, but now I realise that we can save up to 50%... think about it.
In the end this can also mean that we could use money more efficiently to reate better art, games, media... whatever...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Photography: My images at DeviantArt

As photography stays a passion of mine I just set up a second account at DeviantArt. Here you'll find my gallery, and yes, several images are also for sale;-)

Have fun,