Sunday, July 24, 2011

Games: My student's games - Making of PTG: Pigeons

My student's created a jump and run game in an awesome time. From what I saw at 'professional' companies in games business they were up to 50% faster that some of those 'pros'. 

Why ist that? Well, I train them to be GAME DIRECTORS, the creative and leading spearhead of development, making fast decisions and knowing what will advance their vision and what would not. Combine this with talent and personal love each of those creative minds bring into a project and you know why we can do thing faster at the MHMK game design programme in Munich.

Yes, I am very proud about my studen'ts work; this is what they did after being in their second semester in my game design programme. Think about it. 

Now, enough idle talk, check it out here (it's in German only, sorry folks)

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