Sunday, September 11, 2011

GAME DESIGN: From the SACRED-Archives

I rediscovered about 200 original skribbles, sketches and concept notes from the production for SACRED (1) and my version of the AddOn. Parts of it were used (though they missed to put my name in the later games)... well, bad style.

Anyway, have a look...

The upper image shows my notes on the connection between the dark seraphim and the dark elves, a level setup and instruction s for the level designer, to create more organic looking environments. Also - to the lower right - you see my concept of how to create the platforms over the treetops, used in the AddOn.

The lower image introduces the dwarf, new areas like the pirate island and the woodelves realm as well as interface optimizations.

SACRED was important for the concept I am teaching at the MHMK. Due to a lot of experiences I made during that production (well, and lots of others), I realizes that the game designer must have ore rights (and responsibilities). This led to my interpretation of the role of the game designer as GAME DIRECTOR.

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