Sunday, October 30, 2011

NOVEL: Talking to my heroes...

Do you know Ducky from NCIS? The Medical Examiner who talks to his dead patients?

Well, when I start designing a story I do the same. I need to know them and so I have to profile them. 

Most of the time I use photographs of actors as a substitute. Right now a stern looking Michelle Pfeiffer from 'Wolf' (1994) captures my gaze, helping me to learn where my next hero will go.

Yes, writing Fantasy is mor than just adding orcs, dragons, shiny armor or magical swords. I wonder where this quest will lead me this time...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NOVEL: Next round...

I am diving into my next tale by now and I am deeply looking for inspiration. By now, the wall of my office are lined with new characters and I am currently outlining the structure.

Fantasy it is, featuring lots of magic and physical combat. But what kind of drama shall it be this time? Love? Hate? Treason? Or something else?

How do I work? Well, I try to follow this rule... by writing!