Saturday, December 29, 2012

NOVEL | You can like AZARYA on her own Facebook page

Dear readers,

now as the first likes come in AZARYA's page on facebook has its own name: AzaryaNovel

I am thrilled about this because the longer extension with numbers wasn't that sexy. It read before:

Like Azarya on facebook, 2012
Now it is.

I like that;-)

And I thank everyone for hitting the like button - hopefully AFTER reading the tale of Tessa. You'll find the novel here and here only as it is exclusively for Kindle for now.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

NOVEL: AZARYA: Dark Passion Tales - Azarya Rising

I am proud to announce that a new novel has been published last night.


(c) AZARYA 2012, Michael T. Bhatty

This tale had to be written, and it was written for the ladies among you primarily (sorry, gents).
Why is that? Not only my female readers and trusted lady friends provided input for Azarya, but also several ladies working as prostitutes, table-dancers or online-cam-girls wrote and talked to me during the research of my novel Iszma (2012). They told me their tales, their dreams and hopes. You can find some of them in that fantasy novel, but some of those statements reached me after the release of Iszma and I could not get their points of view into that novel and so Azarya and her Dark Passion Tales were born.
I consider it vital that you know that some tales described here have their origin in their true statements, though I altered and dramatized them to the realm of the fantastic, but still the passion described here holds true statements, fears and dreams. However, the language is harsh and not appropriate for underage readers. It is their language, also dramatized by me from time to time, but only a little.
Read their tales carefully, there might be something in them whispering to you from the other side of the luring and tempting abyss.

Michael T. Bhatty in December 2012

I wrote this one in English so AZARYA will be available in all terretories.You can find a reading excerpt on Amazon.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NOVEL | AZARYA as eBook on Kindle

Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA on Kindle

AZARYA will be launched prior to X-Mas. Today I created the first running version for my KINDLE and I am happy that it works great:-)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GAMES | How to become a professor - by Stephan Si-Hwan Park

Stephan Si-Hwan Park created a video with an interview with me on my field of expertise, here interactive story telling and directing games. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WRITING: A word about Inspiration...

Do you know that feeling?


There is some truth to that creative process... ;-)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

WEB: New website for AZARYA

Greetings, my dear readers,

today I started the official website on my Michael bhatty entertainment website. Now Azarya has her own realm at

Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA RISING
Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA Official Website
Discussions are to be held at facebook to make it easier for all of you to experience the tales of dark passion of this sultry and bewitching lady. But careful, could be your end as she loves poison (and not only that famous Alice Cooper song).

And by the way, Alice was right. You better not touch!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

KYLE SAGA - coming 2013

A journey I started in the '90s is coming to release as well. I am proudly anouncing 'Michael T. Bhatty's KYLE' to be relased in 2013. 

Michael T. Bhatty's KYLE SAGA - coming 2013

Stay also tuned on Facebook!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

AZARYA: Dark Passion Tales coming X-Mas 2012

X-mas 2012 I'll publish a new tale.

Azarya: Dark Passion Tales - Azarya Rising will be available as an ebook, targetting an adult audience. You liked my Iszma? Or 50 Shades of Grey? Or Merry Gentry? Well, then this is a tale for you.

Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA - Dark Passion Tales I

Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA coming X-mas 2012

Check out her page on facebook.


Michael T. Bhatty

Saturday, August 4, 2012


FakeCover 2011, Iszma and Maccon, by Michael T. Bhatty et. al.
This was one of my earlier interpretations. I knew what type of character Iszma would be and who would be with her, the dwarven warrior Maccon Zeeb. This was a rough work. I just used a eraser tool to get rid of the background.
I also knew that there would be the tower - though in what way I had no idea. During that time the first teaser videos appeared and I took the background image from it to get in the mood.
We talked a lot about potential names and suitable characters and that way Iszma came up. You see, how important it is to keep in contact with and to experiment.

Iszma - early banners (internal use), Michael T. Bhatty, 2011
What you see here are early banners, used for internal documents,  created. Here you see how ideas are developed in a creative process.
One of my first ideas was that Bex became the thief character but we discarded it as well as other ideas. Dashie (a subtle telling name about being 'dash';-) was also in my mind, though not as the child of Asiya (later Alicia'Dashie, pronounced in a very elven way - not English) but the rogue lady, avenging bruised and raped ladies in Varanas. 
Well, and the story of Sybilla, childhood freiend off Shareena, needed to be solved as well.
But in the end, all those idea were discarded when Mandy came up with her character Iszma. I took only the name of it as Mandyy's Iszma has been a priestess and Asiya was already a priestess and a magician. 
But the good part is, every aspect - however small - has been put in the tale as well:-)

Well, this is for today.

I am looking forward to your feedback.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


all three RUNES OF MAGIC novels
It feels strange to see them side by side. However, all three novels set up ONE big tale.

Monday, July 30, 2012


(c) 2012 - Fake-cover for ISZMA, Michael T. Bhatty
I love to visualize characters to get to know them better. I did this also for ISZMA. Here I used 3D models and a painted background to extablish the mood.

An interesting detail: Iszma holds a sabre here - and if you look closely, you see a shimmer of poison on it.

Also, her dress is more protective than on the official cover. This is also reflected in the story. The one she is wearing later on is not really more protective, but heavier in structure. Well, in a matter, it IS more protective.

The colour of the dancers dress was red in the beginning; the idea came from a friend of mine, who is a dancer and wears this dress in one of her performances (I had to change it later to black, when we need to change it due to her red hair (long story). Anyway, I also wanted to display her as a thief, a rogue, which is one of the character classes in RUNES OF MAGIC. Therefore she carries little bags (for tools like lock picks etc.) and a curved dagger.

(c) 2002, Michael T. Bhatty, Tattoo
Note that her Tattoo is different. This is actually the one she has in the story. Well, if you check put my photographs for tattoos, you know where i got my inspiration from:-)

By doing this, I get closer to uncovering who she is. I need to know my heroes...

An authors fate...


NOVELS: Making of ISZMA - Origins I

Mandy's Priestess Iszma, 2011
Who is Iszma? What are her origins? 
Well, I won't spoil it for you know, but let's have look from the developers and authors side to this.

I have been thinking on a potential title for a while and we were discussing it in the team of Frogster and Panini, because it had to be catchy, it had to work in other languages in case the novels will be translated (what I hope to be someday... soon!). Anyway, some of them were considered, others discarded for different reasons.

I knew Iszma would be a rogue, a thief, an assassin - and I knew what she would look like, at least her not-undercover-part!
So we brainstormend and Mandy from Frogster showed us her character. A red-headed priestess! I was thrilled, because I have very fond memories of a friend of mine who also like to play her characters as red-headed priestesses/assassins. Suddenly it became clear what there was to do.
Mandy's red headed Iszma opened the door to developing the other aspects of her character. And there are plenty, as a lot of people influenced this character - and the characters around her.

Thank you, Mandy!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NOVELS: Fanposts to ISZMA :-)

These are the cool moments of being an author. Sooner or later you get mails when your readers tell you how they experience your story. This is a good thing and I appreciate it deeply.

Yesterday RUNES OF MAGIC-player and reader Nicole from Switzerland (so, I am international now;-) posted these shots on my facebook-site.

2012, by Nicole von Atzigen
A collection of her give-away-animals (for those of you who did not know; the printed version of my novels contain a code-card, allowing you to unlock the animals of SHAREENA (ferret Jonesy), ASIYA (winged lion Aurelius) and ISZMA (snake Nayarimah) for usage as ingame-Pets and mounts.
2012, by Nicole von Atzigen

2012, by Nicole von Atzigen

Monday, July 23, 2012

OFF TOPIC: German Railroad vs. Wheelchair-Accessability

I had a performance on TV, an undercover trip regarding civil rights. Well, sometimes you think you are in the 1950's and not in the 21st century...

Check it out (in GERMAN)



Friday, July 20, 2012

ART: Character-Design by Sandra Püttner

Sandra Püttner, a student of mine, game designer and artist, send me this image as a "visual thank you". I am honored!

(c) Sandra Püttner, 2012

Well, my lady, this piece is indeed inspiring. I love the flow of the lines, defining forms and space. Very sensual! Go on, Sandra! This is awesome!

NOVEL: ISZMA - The online dedication and credits (GERMAN)

Dear readers of my novels,

I break with am tradition here and post something in German now (the dedications and acknowledgments are missing in the first edition of ISZMA (so buy a lot so we can can to the second edition in no time:-))

Until then, you will find them here!


 //////////////////// from my original script /////////////////////////////////////

1       Iszma


In guter Tradition widme ich dieses Buch in Liebe meiner geheimen Koautorin und geduldigen Ratgeberin - meiner Frau Svenja -, wie immer für mehr Gründe, als sich hier auflisten lassen – und die euch auch nach fünf Büchern immer noch nichts angehen ;-).

Unseren Nichten Kathy, Carmen und Lisa widme ich bestimmte Handlungsstränge, damit ihr seht, dass es nicht nur notwendig ist, Fehler zu machen, um daraus zu lernen, sondern auch, dass man wieder aufsteht, wenn man zu Boden gegangen ist.

2       Zum Geleit

Die Spielwelt von RUNES OF MAGIC ermöglichte mir erneut das Verfassen einer weiteren Fantasy-Geschichte.  Natürlich habe ich wieder manche Dinge aus dramaturgischen Gründen abgeändert, denn oftmals ist es notwendig, Orte und Personen, Handlungen und Ereignisse ein wenig zu beugen, wenn man die Medienform wechselt. Puristen mögen mir also verzeihen, wenn ich mir die Freiheit genommen habe, bestimmte Tierarten und Charaktere aus den vorkommenden Regionen entsprechend abzuwandeln, da diese Geschichte eben kein Walkthrough ist, sondern eine eigenständige Geschichte.

Ich möchte an dieser Stelle auch betonen, dass die verwendeten Spitz- und Charakternamen einiger Frogster-Mitarbeiter in Absprache getroffen wurden, jedoch die daraus abgeleiteten Charaktere wie Iszma, Bex oder auch Anders KEINE Abbilder dieser Mitarbeiter sind oder gar deren Ansichten ausdrücken. Die Verwendung dieser Namen ist lediglich meine Hommage an euch, weil ihr ein cooles Team ward!

Kommen wir zur Sprache: Wie wird der Name „Asiya“ eigentlich ausgesprochen? Die verschiedensten Varianten, die ich gehört habe, reichten von Asi-ja (mit weichem ‚S’) über Ey-scha bis zu E-ssei-ja. Nun, tatsächlich wird der Name mit einem ägyptisch-arabischen Akzent ausgesprochen: mit scharfem ‚Sz’ und einem ‚D-J’-Laut, wie in „Dschungel“: ‚Aßi’Dschah’.
Auch der Name „Alicia’Dashie“ wird NICHT Englisch ausgesprochen, also nicht „Däshi“, sondern eher „Da-schié“ mit kurzem ‚A‘ - eben im gleichen Klangmuster wie ‚Asiya’Dahil‘.

Und noch ein Punkt, der mir wichtig ist: Heißt es ‚des Zwergs‘ oder ‚des Zwergen‘? ‚Des Elfs‘ oder ‚des Elfen‘?
Nun, Sprache erlaubt Freiheiten. Da ich Elfen und Zwerge als eigene Spezies ansehe, macht es Sinn, die ‚en‘-Endung zu verwenden. Ich gehe also auf Formen wie „des Elfen“ und „des Zwergen“.
Gleichfalls bestehe ich darauf – wie schon beim Erschaffen der Welt von SACRED –, dass ein weiblicher Elf eine „Elfin“ ist und nicht eine „Elfe“. Man möge meine altersbedingte Engstirnigkeit verzeihen, aber ich gehöre eben noch zu jener Vor-DSA-Generation, in der Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) eine Elfe ist und Laurana (Dragonlance) eine Elfin!;-)

Einem jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen;-)

Michael T. Bhatty

Ihr seid interessiert an weiterer Trivia? Dann besucht mich auf meinem Blog und meiner Webseite:

3       Danksagungen

Dieser Teil ist mit der Schwerste, denn die Prozesse beim Schreiben sind so komplex, dass man kaum immer ausdrücken kann, was jemand von außen dazu beigetragen hat.
Ich danke meiner Frau Svenja, die es mir immer wieder ermöglicht, meine Geschichte zu schreiben und es nicht nur mit mir aushält, wenn ich im kreativen Chaos versinke, sondern mich auch immer wieder auf den richtigen Pfad lenkt.

Ich danke all jenen jungen Damen, die mir bei meiner Recherche in den ‚echten Schatten‘ Einblicke in ihr Leben schenkten und die mir Inspiration für fiktive Gestalten wie Alicia‘Dashie, Azariah, Laura, Liah, Mia und vielen anderen Figuren gaben: Thank you, my ladies, multumésc, spasibo, kösenem, mersí (Bulgarisch, nicht Französisch;-)

Meinen ‚bekennenden Groupies‘ und Web-Stalkerinnen, Janika und Janina, danke ich ebenfalls dafür, dass sie so unerschütterlich an mich glauben und immer wieder so nette Dinge von sich geben, die mich weiterschreiben lassen (und die sich oft in der ein oder anderen Form hier wiederfinden).
Ich danke meiner ‚Leserin der ersten Stunde‘ Anke Becker, die mit dem Kauf von ‚Glückssocken’ für jeden Roman eine schöne Tradition für die ‚Ladies Night‘ schuf. Natürlich gebühren wieder Antje ‚Amy‘ Krüger und Sarah Bade mein tiefster Dank - für Online-Brainstorming-Sessions, jeder Menge zitierfähiger Sprüche wie auch für (mitternächtliche) Einblicke in die mystischen Hintergründe des ‚Tribal Dance‘ und der Mittelalter-Szene.

Natürlich danke ich meinen Leserinnen und Lesern, die mich während dieser Reise mit E-Mails und Facebook-Posts unterstützt haben, und mir als meine Facebook‘-Musen‘ spontan zu Themen wie „Wie fühlt sich eine Geburt an?“ oder sonstigen literarischen Abgründen so viele Einblicke, Anregungen und Hinweise gaben: Nadja Geisler, Hella Shoobridge, Prof. Linda Breitlauch, Katja Fischer oder auch Xandy, Jutta, Marcus oder auch Runes-of-Magic-Leserinnen wie Nicole und Maria!

Ich danke dem Team von Frogster und Runewaker dafür, dass ich mich in ihrer Welt austoben durfte und Charaktere und Ereignisse nach meinem Willen benutzen konnte.
Ich verneige mich vor Mandy Blumenthal, deren eigener Charakter die Namensgeberin für Iszma wurde, vor Sebastian Beiler und Holger Anders.

Ich danke unserem Concept Artist Tomtom, der so viel Geduld bei der Cover-Gestaltung behielt und mit seinen Anregungen viel zur Gestaltung der Charaktere in letzter Minute beitrug.

Und natürlich tue ich einen Kniefall vor Rebekka ‚Bex‘ Knutzen, mit der es eine Freude war, die Geschichte von Shareena, Asiya und Iszma zum Abschluss zu bringen. Knuddel den echten Joschi von mir, Bex;-)

Ich danke dem coolen Panini-Team, mit denen es immer Spaß macht mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten, allen voran Holger Wiest, Mathias Ulinski, Steffen Volkmer und natürlich Jo Löffler.

Und zu guter Letzt: Liebe Susie Picard, ich danke dir dafür, dass wieder du als meine Lektorin diesen dritten Teil rund schleifst und unsere Charaktere und Geschichte gut aussehen lässt.

Euer Michael T. Bhatty

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NOVEL: Writing the dedications for ISZMA

The copies for personal dedications have arrived, so this weekend I'll be writing a lot again. Especially for the lady who gave ISZMA's snake, Nayarimah, its name. Congratulations!

ISZMA - The copies for dedications have arrived, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photography: Interview on differences between film, photography and games

From the bachelor thesis from Michael Berniger; a video interview from 2012.

And for the record: 'It's not the age! It's the mileage!' (Indy)

NOVEL: ISZMA - the second reading extract

Now the second reding extract is available, this time on

Cover of Michael T. Bhatty's "Iszma", 2012

Learn more about Nefertiti as the first of her kind; and what the old Charbonneau does with the beautiful dancer Azariah...

"Click inside" für reading the 2nd extract on

Saturday, July 7, 2012

NOVEL: ISZMA revenges violence against women

The question I got most these days is: "What is ISZMA about?"

The reading extract ist about ISZMA killing a rapist.

Well, it is simple: It is about young ladies being hurt. And what Iszma does with those swines who hurt women? Well, I am not taking about drama and story telling here, but these things happen!
during my research a lot of ladies told me what happened to them  - and they allowed me to use their stories in my tale. so, I want you to be alert about it!

The reading extract ist about ISZMA killing a rapist. This is fantasy. Story Telling. Drama.
But the video above is not. Share it, please and stay alert!

Friday, July 6, 2012

NOVEL: Coming 3 days earlier! RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA will be shipped on July 16th!

Thrilling! My upcoming 3rd RUNES OF MAGIC novel about the beautiful and dangerous ISZMA will be shipped three days earlier than expected. ISZMA will throw you into a dark and lustful world, a world filled with the darkest emotions, but also with hope and love.

On July 16th ISZMA will be available in bookstores and at Amazon!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

ISZMA is under the Top 100!!! (Amazon's Fantasy books)


Yesterday we released the reading extract; today my upcoming novel ISZMA is under the Top 100 of the German Amazon Fantasy Top 100! Feels great to be in such a good company:-))

Screenshot by Michael Bhatty, AmazonDE Top 100 Fantasy novels, 23th June 2012

Just below such masters like Douglas Adams and Markus Heitz! (OK, they are here a wee bit longer, I know, I know;-)


a grinning Mike

Friday, June 22, 2012

NOVELS: ISZMA - the reading extract (German)

At last!

After I completed the novel in March, I had to wait. Today the official READING EXTRACT has been published and I am delighted to take you away to the city of Varanas - this time into its 'Shadows', the part were the unwanted and unhappy are forced to live.
Here you will encounter the beautiful ISZMA...



Friday, June 8, 2012

NOVELS: ISZMA - Directing the cover art I

Now that the cover has been officially displayed on Amazon I like to tell how it was developed and how this influenced my writing. The Cover Art of the novel was created by Frogster's graphic artist Thomas Kempkes; check out his art at DeviantArt.

(C) 2011, ISZMA 3D character sketch by Michael T. Bhatty

However, what Thomas got from me was an Artwork similar to this one (i am keeping my version for now as it contain's a spoiler;-) And so he, Bex and I started working on the process of finding our way to our Iszma.

Note how her hair colour got from a darker brownred to the more fiery red. 

I'll tell more, when the book has been released as there are stunning details to discover in the novel and the process of creating such an artwork...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOVEL: RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA - or a love for dancers, singers and actresses

Now you can encounter ISZMA, my new hero - at least on the cover. Dancing, holding poisonous blades in her hands.  This time my novel's hero is a dancer herself (well, besides being an assassin and a thief): ISZMA, the final book of my RUNES OF MAGIC-novel series is about to be launched!

I often, nay, always have dancers in my stories and artworks. Dancing maidens, witches and elves are there to be found as well as tavern dancer's in my Science fiction stories. Check it out, there are always bars and taverns. In Beryl Tales there were spaceports with dancers, in SACRED there have been quests and even in my next story - hopefully coming with the year - dancers play their part.

So why do I use this subject? The answer isn't an easy one, because there are many reasons for it. One reason might be, that I have always had contact to dancing and thus to the performers, be them oriental belly dancers, tribal dancers on mediaval markets or the classical and convential dancing on parties.

Well, what can I say. I like dancing as a form of art. It is a powerful form of expressing... 'energy '. It is raw and wild, powerful and gentle, precise or chaotic. so many patterns one can dive in.

Expressing personality is something I enjoy when taking to singers, dancers and actresses. It might be a form of resonance, but as an artist myself I often find contact with the bands playing somewhere or having a nice chat backstage from time to time.

ISZMA is my hommage to those performing ladies, who are true artists in their hearts.

I bow to you,


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NOVEL: Runes of Magic - ISZMA launches at July 19th 2012

It is always a long way for a printed novel to be published in book form.
While my work is done editors and correctors do their work and polish the tale to give my readers a (hopefully) wonderful experience. Thank you my friends for making this a wonderful tale.

With me my own tension is rising as this novel will be the conclusion of the three novel SHAREENA, ASIYA and now ISZMA. I consider this one even more powerful that it's predecessors as I can build on the tales of the first two novels, on the characters and events.

ISZMA will throw you into a dark and lustful world, a world filled with the darkest emotions, but also with hope and love.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


ISZMA has been completed some weeks ago and now I even wrote the covertexts, the credits and dedications. 

It's a strange thing to wait for her. Somehow this was one of the most interesting experiences in writing...

Celebrating Michael T. Bhatty's upcoming ISZMA with a Veuve ;-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOVEL: Runes of Magic novels are now available for Amazon's KINDLE

My Runes of Magic novels - SHAREENA and ASIYA - are now available for Amazon's KINDLE (German version only so far),

Anyway, I am very proud over this recent development and I am sure RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA will be available soon as well :-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

NOVEL: Mission accomplished!

At last, the completed novel for RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA has been send to the lector and now I (like you, my dear readers) I have to wait til summer 2012 for the printed version.


How do I feel? Happy? Hmm... Or empty? Sad? Somehow in a creative transistion... Like the actors in this book (great exhibition! I saw it in Munich a few mont h ago).

Anyway, so far my mission has been accomplished and I thank all those of you who had helped and inspired me for their love and thoughts and friendship.

Now I am off for some time...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Missing Artworks to Alicia'Dashie and Starlike

I removed two posts with renderings as those were images I had created for a friend.

Now they are truly yours and yours only...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Photography: Haunted!

(c) 'Haunted', 2009, Michael T. Bhatty

A dark portrait using light for dramatization as well as a hard level adjustment during post production.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NOVEL: Over the Hill of Writing RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA

It is vital to celebrate one's achievements. Yesterday evening I reached the 50% mark of writing my latest novel RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA.

What you see as background is a dummy cover I created for my own leisure. It's not the official artwork, but one I created to inspire myself.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NOVEL: RUNES OF MAGIC - Iszma (Book 3)

My dear readers,

now it is official. RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA has been announced yesterday,  which will cover the conclusion of my three-books-epic around Shareena, Asiya and her friends (and foes).

Runes of Magic - ISZMA (Announcement), 2012

For the German readers Frogster offers a contest, wherin you can give Iszma's pet a name, which I shall use if you are winning. I am curious with what you will come up. Have fun!