Saturday, June 23, 2012

ISZMA is under the Top 100!!! (Amazon's Fantasy books)


Yesterday we released the reading extract; today my upcoming novel ISZMA is under the Top 100 of the German Amazon Fantasy Top 100! Feels great to be in such a good company:-))

Screenshot by Michael Bhatty, AmazonDE Top 100 Fantasy novels, 23th June 2012

Just below such masters like Douglas Adams and Markus Heitz! (OK, they are here a wee bit longer, I know, I know;-)


a grinning Mike

Friday, June 22, 2012

NOVELS: ISZMA - the reading extract (German)

At last!

After I completed the novel in March, I had to wait. Today the official READING EXTRACT has been published and I am delighted to take you away to the city of Varanas - this time into its 'Shadows', the part were the unwanted and unhappy are forced to live.
Here you will encounter the beautiful ISZMA...



Friday, June 8, 2012

NOVELS: ISZMA - Directing the cover art I

Now that the cover has been officially displayed on Amazon I like to tell how it was developed and how this influenced my writing. The Cover Art of the novel was created by Frogster's graphic artist Thomas Kempkes; check out his art at DeviantArt.

(C) 2011, ISZMA 3D character sketch by Michael T. Bhatty

However, what Thomas got from me was an Artwork similar to this one (i am keeping my version for now as it contain's a spoiler;-) And so he, Bex and I started working on the process of finding our way to our Iszma.

Note how her hair colour got from a darker brownred to the more fiery red. 

I'll tell more, when the book has been released as there are stunning details to discover in the novel and the process of creating such an artwork...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOVEL: RUNES OF MAGIC - ISZMA - or a love for dancers, singers and actresses

Now you can encounter ISZMA, my new hero - at least on the cover. Dancing, holding poisonous blades in her hands.  This time my novel's hero is a dancer herself (well, besides being an assassin and a thief): ISZMA, the final book of my RUNES OF MAGIC-novel series is about to be launched!

I often, nay, always have dancers in my stories and artworks. Dancing maidens, witches and elves are there to be found as well as tavern dancer's in my Science fiction stories. Check it out, there are always bars and taverns. In Beryl Tales there were spaceports with dancers, in SACRED there have been quests and even in my next story - hopefully coming with the year - dancers play their part.

So why do I use this subject? The answer isn't an easy one, because there are many reasons for it. One reason might be, that I have always had contact to dancing and thus to the performers, be them oriental belly dancers, tribal dancers on mediaval markets or the classical and convential dancing on parties.

Well, what can I say. I like dancing as a form of art. It is a powerful form of expressing... 'energy '. It is raw and wild, powerful and gentle, precise or chaotic. so many patterns one can dive in.

Expressing personality is something I enjoy when taking to singers, dancers and actresses. It might be a form of resonance, but as an artist myself I often find contact with the bands playing somewhere or having a nice chat backstage from time to time.

ISZMA is my hommage to those performing ladies, who are true artists in their hearts.

I bow to you,


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NOVEL: Runes of Magic - ISZMA launches at July 19th 2012

It is always a long way for a printed novel to be published in book form.
While my work is done editors and correctors do their work and polish the tale to give my readers a (hopefully) wonderful experience. Thank you my friends for making this a wonderful tale.

With me my own tension is rising as this novel will be the conclusion of the three novel SHAREENA, ASIYA and now ISZMA. I consider this one even more powerful that it's predecessors as I can build on the tales of the first two novels, on the characters and events.

ISZMA will throw you into a dark and lustful world, a world filled with the darkest emotions, but also with hope and love.