Friday, June 8, 2012

NOVELS: ISZMA - Directing the cover art I

Now that the cover has been officially displayed on Amazon I like to tell how it was developed and how this influenced my writing. The Cover Art of the novel was created by Frogster's graphic artist Thomas Kempkes; check out his art at DeviantArt.

(C) 2011, ISZMA 3D character sketch by Michael T. Bhatty

However, what Thomas got from me was an Artwork similar to this one (i am keeping my version for now as it contain's a spoiler;-) And so he, Bex and I started working on the process of finding our way to our Iszma.

Note how her hair colour got from a darker brownred to the more fiery red. 

I'll tell more, when the book has been released as there are stunning details to discover in the novel and the process of creating such an artwork...


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