Monday, July 30, 2012


(c) 2012 - Fake-cover for ISZMA, Michael T. Bhatty
I love to visualize characters to get to know them better. I did this also for ISZMA. Here I used 3D models and a painted background to extablish the mood.

An interesting detail: Iszma holds a sabre here - and if you look closely, you see a shimmer of poison on it.

Also, her dress is more protective than on the official cover. This is also reflected in the story. The one she is wearing later on is not really more protective, but heavier in structure. Well, in a matter, it IS more protective.

The colour of the dancers dress was red in the beginning; the idea came from a friend of mine, who is a dancer and wears this dress in one of her performances (I had to change it later to black, when we need to change it due to her red hair (long story). Anyway, I also wanted to display her as a thief, a rogue, which is one of the character classes in RUNES OF MAGIC. Therefore she carries little bags (for tools like lock picks etc.) and a curved dagger.

(c) 2002, Michael T. Bhatty, Tattoo
Note that her Tattoo is different. This is actually the one she has in the story. Well, if you check put my photographs for tattoos, you know where i got my inspiration from:-)

By doing this, I get closer to uncovering who she is. I need to know my heroes...

An authors fate...


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