Monday, July 30, 2012

NOVELS: Making of ISZMA - Origins I

Mandy's Priestess Iszma, 2011
Who is Iszma? What are her origins? 
Well, I won't spoil it for you know, but let's have look from the developers and authors side to this.

I have been thinking on a potential title for a while and we were discussing it in the team of Frogster and Panini, because it had to be catchy, it had to work in other languages in case the novels will be translated (what I hope to be someday... soon!). Anyway, some of them were considered, others discarded for different reasons.

I knew Iszma would be a rogue, a thief, an assassin - and I knew what she would look like, at least her not-undercover-part!
So we brainstormend and Mandy from Frogster showed us her character. A red-headed priestess! I was thrilled, because I have very fond memories of a friend of mine who also like to play her characters as red-headed priestesses/assassins. Suddenly it became clear what there was to do.
Mandy's red headed Iszma opened the door to developing the other aspects of her character. And there are plenty, as a lot of people influenced this character - and the characters around her.

Thank you, Mandy!


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