Saturday, August 4, 2012


FakeCover 2011, Iszma and Maccon, by Michael T. Bhatty et. al.
This was one of my earlier interpretations. I knew what type of character Iszma would be and who would be with her, the dwarven warrior Maccon Zeeb. This was a rough work. I just used a eraser tool to get rid of the background.
I also knew that there would be the tower - though in what way I had no idea. During that time the first teaser videos appeared and I took the background image from it to get in the mood.
We talked a lot about potential names and suitable characters and that way Iszma came up. You see, how important it is to keep in contact with and to experiment.

Iszma - early banners (internal use), Michael T. Bhatty, 2011
What you see here are early banners, used for internal documents,  created. Here you see how ideas are developed in a creative process.
One of my first ideas was that Bex became the thief character but we discarded it as well as other ideas. Dashie (a subtle telling name about being 'dash';-) was also in my mind, though not as the child of Asiya (later Alicia'Dashie, pronounced in a very elven way - not English) but the rogue lady, avenging bruised and raped ladies in Varanas. 
Well, and the story of Sybilla, childhood freiend off Shareena, needed to be solved as well.
But in the end, all those idea were discarded when Mandy came up with her character Iszma. I took only the name of it as Mandyy's Iszma has been a priestess and Asiya was already a priestess and a magician. 
But the good part is, every aspect - however small - has been put in the tale as well:-)

Well, this is for today.

I am looking forward to your feedback.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


all three RUNES OF MAGIC novels
It feels strange to see them side by side. However, all three novels set up ONE big tale.