Saturday, December 29, 2012

NOVEL | You can like AZARYA on her own Facebook page

Dear readers,

now as the first likes come in AZARYA's page on facebook has its own name: AzaryaNovel

I am thrilled about this because the longer extension with numbers wasn't that sexy. It read before:

Like Azarya on facebook, 2012
Now it is.

I like that;-)

And I thank everyone for hitting the like button - hopefully AFTER reading the tale of Tessa. You'll find the novel here and here only as it is exclusively for Kindle for now.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! 


Monday, December 17, 2012

NOVEL: AZARYA: Dark Passion Tales - Azarya Rising

I am proud to announce that a new novel has been published last night.


(c) AZARYA 2012, Michael T. Bhatty

This tale had to be written, and it was written for the ladies among you primarily (sorry, gents).
Why is that? Not only my female readers and trusted lady friends provided input for Azarya, but also several ladies working as prostitutes, table-dancers or online-cam-girls wrote and talked to me during the research of my novel Iszma (2012). They told me their tales, their dreams and hopes. You can find some of them in that fantasy novel, but some of those statements reached me after the release of Iszma and I could not get their points of view into that novel and so Azarya and her Dark Passion Tales were born.
I consider it vital that you know that some tales described here have their origin in their true statements, though I altered and dramatized them to the realm of the fantastic, but still the passion described here holds true statements, fears and dreams. However, the language is harsh and not appropriate for underage readers. It is their language, also dramatized by me from time to time, but only a little.
Read their tales carefully, there might be something in them whispering to you from the other side of the luring and tempting abyss.

Michael T. Bhatty in December 2012

I wrote this one in English so AZARYA will be available in all terretories.You can find a reading excerpt on Amazon.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

NOVEL | AZARYA as eBook on Kindle

Michael T. Bhatty's AZARYA on Kindle

AZARYA will be launched prior to X-Mas. Today I created the first running version for my KINDLE and I am happy that it works great:-)