Thursday, July 11, 2013

AZARYA | The art of Sandra Püttner and Anca Finta

I am thrilled. Two artists have created a number of interpretations from the scenes and characters from my novel AZARYA: Dark Passion Tales - Azarya Rising.

The first one is from Ms Sandra Püttner, a game designer and graphic artists currently living in Japan. 

'Azarya' by Sandra Püttner 2012.
An interesting detail: the pipe isn't in the book. But Sandra's idea went directly into the next novel which will be released at the end of the year. Here we can see how the collaborative work influences the outcome of a creative piece of literature or art.

'A Camgirl's room', by Anca Adelina Finta, 2013
Ms Anca Adelina Finta, a very experienced game art artists, with whom I worked from the beginnings of my career in the games industry, created her own version of how we see Azarya performing in front of her webcam. I like the way how she presents Azarya not from the point of view of Azarya's customers, who'll see her via her webcam. So this is actually Azarya's point of view - as is the tale in the book.

'Wolf's Moon', by Anca Adelina Finta, 2013
Anca's interpretation of the wolfman is thrilling. I sense a little bit of Coppola's Lucy and werewolf here. There is an exhausting quality to Azaryas moves, caught somewhere into the veil of a darker magic waiting for her...

You got curious?

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