Thursday, August 29, 2013

NOVEL | AZARYA - about making writing notes

"How do you find the time to write, Mike?"

That is a question I often hear. 

Well, there are a lot of things to consider, because one works a full-time job, has a family - and needs time for writing. So the first thing my wife and I did was having agreements about how and when to spend time for one's project.When she works on her projects I have time for mine as well, and so on.

(c) Azarya - My original notes from 2012, Michael T. Bhatty
A practical approach, of course, is this: Making notes whenever I can, for example. The sequence on the beach, where I describe Tessa's absently moving legs while reading was based in reality. At our last vacation on a ship a young woman lay across from us on the pooldeck and read - yes, like all the women on board then - 'Shades of grey'. And she seemed lost in thought, moving her feet over her legs, while reading.
That scene along with her black bikini made it right into the book. Funny thing was that we always sat across and talked of course. I even got the offer to read her 'Shades of Grey'.

Well, the essence of this is: I make notes if I see something that inspires me, at restaurants, trains or planes. Smartphone or pen and paper, whatever is at hand. 

Oh, and when appropriate I ask people if I am allowed to use their words. Seemed important to me.


Monday, August 26, 2013

KYLE | Introducing the Art of Sandra Püttner

Sandra Püttner, 2013

I love creative collaboration. Sandra Püttner, a chartacter artist and game designer, currently living in Japan, interpreted some of my new characters.

(c) Characters from the Kyle-Saga, Sandra Püttner, 2013
Sandra and I talked a lot about the characters and how they feel. We even had a writing/drawing session together. While I was writing, she sat next to me and drew the dancing motion of the young woman, for example.
I love those live-events,  listening to music, eating chinese food - and talk about what needs to be done, what can be perfected or what new ideas have the potential to find their way into the novel.

Sandra already interpreted another character of mine, which was AZARYA. Check out this image here, where she added a pipe. That pipe didn't made it into the AZARYA-novel, but instead into the new one.

(c) 2012, Sandra Püttner, Azarya.

Now, Sandra can give very precise feedback and can criticise in a very constructive way, something I like very much. Soon I'll tell you more about our session in which we gave Kyle another haircut;-)

Oh, and check out her website: Sandra's workspace;-)

Stay tuned! Cheers,


Friday, August 23, 2013

KYLE | "YEAHHHH BABY, that's it! :D" approval mail

I love creative collaboration with the right people. During the last years and month several artists accompanied me on my way and provided inspiration, critical feedback and, of course, incredible artworks!

With artist Anca Adelina Finta I started working in 2000 during our time at Ascaron. As those things are, we lost contact for a while after moving on in different jobs. Last year, however we connected again.
Anca provided me with a tattoo for an elven character from my new novel. As I am using this character as well in a video, I am producing right now, I tried to get her interpretation right.

When I showed her the combined artwork with her own drawings (on the left) and my 3D-interpretation, she send me a mail of approval with the words: 

"YEAHHHH BABY, das ist es! :D"
(meaning of "das ist es" in English: "that's it")

With those kind words she made my heart jump as an artist, because one (or me) is often unsure if I get those things right. Thank you, Anca.

(c) KYLE-character-design, artwork by Anca Adelina Finta and Michael T. bhatty, 2013

And if you like to learn more about the upcoming novel, follow me please, either here on Blogger, or on Twitter or Facebook.

Thank you, folks.


Monday, August 19, 2013

NOVEL | The Origins of AZARYA

This shot could be called "Origins". Why?

Cover shot of ASIYA, AZARYA and ISZMA (2013)

Because the topic of "abusive relationships" started in ASIYA, when the priestess/unable sorceress finds her dark mentor in the cruel elfen lord. It went on in ISZMA, but only to an extend.

A lot of stories reached me after the release of ISZMA - and thus the story of AZARYA had to be told as well.

Strange how these things start, isn't it?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

KYLE | Preparing the Video for the new website

I have loads of work til X-mas when my latest fantasy novel is to be released.

Right now I am working on the video for the website. 

Location "the wastelands", 2013, Bhatty

What you see here is the barren wastelands. This shot shall be used for a background in the new video. 

Stay tuned!