Friday, August 23, 2013

KYLE | "YEAHHHH BABY, that's it! :D" approval mail

I love creative collaboration with the right people. During the last years and month several artists accompanied me on my way and provided inspiration, critical feedback and, of course, incredible artworks!

With artist Anca Adelina Finta I started working in 2000 during our time at Ascaron. As those things are, we lost contact for a while after moving on in different jobs. Last year, however we connected again.
Anca provided me with a tattoo for an elven character from my new novel. As I am using this character as well in a video, I am producing right now, I tried to get her interpretation right.

When I showed her the combined artwork with her own drawings (on the left) and my 3D-interpretation, she send me a mail of approval with the words: 

"YEAHHHH BABY, das ist es! :D"
(meaning of "das ist es" in English: "that's it")

With those kind words she made my heart jump as an artist, because one (or me) is often unsure if I get those things right. Thank you, Anca.

(c) KYLE-character-design, artwork by Anca Adelina Finta and Michael T. bhatty, 2013

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Thank you, folks.


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